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01 August 2007 @ 02:32 pm
Fandom: Compunction Junction What's Your Function?  
Daily_Deviant is a LiveJournal community to write/draw/explore sexual kinks within the Harry Potter fandom.

Now, my definition of kink may be a little broader than some, and a little narrower than others, but personally, I don't see a kink in m/f, m/m or f/f (aka het or slash) fanfic. When one starts adding BDSM, vinyl/latex, rape fantasy, sploosh, diapers, Loli, water sports, shoes . . . or reading the Los Angeles Yellow Pages in Latin while simultaneously doing the Macarena, swinging from a trapeze, eating a bologna sandwich and shagging a goat -- that's kink.

Which brings me to the storm that was created when witchqueen wrote to the moderators of Daily_Deviant, stating she had a problem with their word choice for their kink selection for the month of July: miscegenation. The word is one of the ugliest and most-loaded racially charged words. Period. Unlike "nigger" (and its 'hood variant "niggah") which has been somewhat reclaimed through its use in rap and hip-hop culture, miscegenation cannot be sugar-coated. It has meant, means and always will mean: race defilement and blood purity. And I'll invoke Godwin here, and say that if that doesn't conjure up images of Nuremberg rallies and goosestepping, nothing will.

But let's give those who coined the word the credit they deserve: it was coined in the United States in the 19th Century to incite and invoke terror of the possibility of freed slaves copulating with white women, thereby destroying the purity of the white race. Laws against miscegenation weren't repealed in the US until the 1960s, and, while not in affect, there were some still on the books as late as 2000 in Alabama.

Witchqueen's correspondence with the Daily_Deviant mods was more than polite. She went out of her way to carefully explain the history of the word, and why it was offensive. Not once did she yell. Not once did she make a wanky comment. But the Daily_Deviant mods were steadfast in their refusal to change the word. Uh, that is until the rest of fandom showed up. And the rest can be read at Metafandom.

But what bothers me in all this is not simply that miscegenation was mis-defined as an interracial relationship, but that an interracial relationship would be considered a kink at all. My mind boggles. Even in the fictional world of Harry Potter, where the magical bloodline is all important, I can't get my head around someone writing pureblood/mudblood or pureblood/half-blood sex and viewing it as a kink. What, Draco shags Hermione and then scourges himself or her for his impure thoughts and actions? Blaise Zambini and Cho have a secret rendez-vous in Hogsmeade to call each other
nigger and chink, and give birth to wop chigros?
I feel ill.

I know fandom and fanfic are places where fen are free to explore themselves and their passions in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. And I'll accept the rationale that what people write and what they get off on is not [necessarily] something that they carry over into RL, but . . . There's that but hanging there. If you really think that interracial sex is a kink, and define it as such, what does that say about your views on race, in general?

Cross-posted to my JF.

ETA: Currently away. And since I don't know what's going on with LJ/Six Apart concerning charged-language usage, it's better to be safe than sorry. And on a borrowed computer that's running Windows XP with only 112MB ram, Fandom_Wank's coverage is just too detailed for in-depth reading.
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