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07 July 2007 @ 11:00 pm
Fandom: A Rose by Any Other Name . . . and I'd Still be Allergic  
I've been writing fanfic since high school (and if some memories are correct, as far back as elementary school). Before ever hearing of the term fanfic, they were merely called my stories, and, of course, I was the only person in the world who ever had the idea to write a story based on a television programme.

We all grow-up . . . eventually.

Though I'm still writing fic, very little of my total output has been published on the web or in a print 'zine. Also, over the course of ten years online, I've changed my user name, e-mail address and handle numerous times. In some cases, I can't even remember my e-mail address -- or worse, the random service I was using went belly-up (yes, UPN station that became a FOX affiliate, I'm talking to you), so I'm unable to update my information.

Anyway, I've decided to gather up all my fan-published fic (originally published under other handles) and post them to my LJ using this handle -- the one I've been happiest with and have used longer than any of the others (at three years, I'm doing good).