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31 December 2036 @ 11:59 pm
Fan Fiction: Information and Links  
While I do write a lot of fan fiction, I don't tend to post much of it. Some of my reasons include: just don't tend to feel that most of it is ready for primetime; I write for older, smaller and obscure fandoms, so there isn't much outside interest in my fan fic; some of my fics are Mary Sues and I don't wish to inflict my fanonverse on unsuspecting readers; and while I've done it (and likely will again), I'd prefer not to post WiPs.

If after all that you'd like to read any of my fan fic, you'll find links below to the fics I've posted on my journal. All fics are gen, rated age appropriately for "G" and "PG" readers (unless otherwise noted), completed, and include full headers with additional information.


The Dick Van Dyke Show
    Pilot of the Airwaves
    Talk show host Alan Brady has come up with a boffo idea for a new television programme.


F Troop
    As Wilton Parmenter stands ready to receive his promotion and medal, he reflects on events in his life that led him to this moment.

Hogan's Heroes

It's About Time
    Gronk in a Hard Place
    Prehistoric caveman Gronk must make a decision affecting his family's future. Or is it their past?

My Favorite Martian

The Real Ghostbusters

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
    The Devil in the Details
    Screwtape reflects on the latest missive received from his nephew, Wormwood.

    As the Great War comes to a close, two naval captains square off in a battle for their lives and their souls.