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01 June 2009 @ 07:01 pm
There Are Days I Hate the Human Species  
. . . and they don't have to do anything with fandom.

I am so sad and angry at the moment.

Someone abandoned another kitten near the farm recently, and this one didn't luck out the way that the previous stray and her kittens did.

We saw him skulking around the horse barn on Saturday morning, dragging his hind legs behind him. He disappeared in the hay fields for a time. Eventually, I located him sound asleep, probably with exhaustion and fear, but he was inaccessible. (And because of the area, there's a very real possibility of rabies; so, we couldn't take the chance of just grabbing him and hoping for the best.)

I put out a Have-a-Heart trap with some cat food in it, and hoped that he would enter it. He must have done it either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, as I found him Sunday afternoon patiently waiting for rescue.

This little guy is an absolute love bug. As hungry as he was, he couldn't wait to tell us with vocal purring how grateful he was for rescuing him. We fixed him up a space in a large cage out in the garage (until checked for FeLV or FIV, we couldn't bring him into the house with the other cats), gave him a litter box and food, a warm blanket, and plenty of lovin'.

We got him a vet appointment this morning, and prepared for the worst. The good news was that he doesn't have FeLV or FIV. The bad news, however, is extremely depressing. The little guy was apparently hit by a car, which, according to the vet, shattered his back leg up at the hip. So, because of its location, it can't be treated by amputation, surgical pins or a cast.

As he is mobile and in relatively good spirits, we're going to do what's known as "benign neglect". Bring him back home, make him comfortable in an area where we can limit his movements (probably an extremely large dog crate), give him lots of TLC, and see how he progresses. From what we can judge, for about four to six months, he's pretty independent, but he'll be a special needs kitty. (As of this point, he is quite capable of feeding himself and using a litter box. So, it may just be his ability to be an especially mobile kitten/cat that will be impaired.) Of course, if things take a turn for the worse, we'll let him cross the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm just so sad over the little guy, and so mad that humans abandon hundreds of dogs and cats on a regular basis, and that so many of them wind up like this little fellow.

These are the days that make you doubt that we live in a benign universe.
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Jen Ckitkat307 on June 4th, 2009 09:56 pm (UTC)
You sound a lot like my family. I have 8 stray/rescues (cats) & my sister has at least 10 stray/rescue cats & 3 dogs, & my parents are the same way. We live in the city within only a block of each other, & we see tens of abandoned kittens & cats, & the occasional dog. We live in the historic district, & there are unfortunately a lot of rentals & people (although they don't deserve to be called people) abandon their animals all the time. My cousin use to live on a farm, so I know how often innocent kittens & puppies are abandoned there. I agree with you regarding the human species. So much cruelty-& to think these people have children that they are passing this behavior on to! It's depressing. I'm also looking after several out door strays, one of whom is a recent mama, & always worried about their safety here in the city with cars & certain evil neighbors who enjoy hurting anything weaker than they. (in other words, disgusting cowards) It seems that the very young mama no longer has kittens though, as she no longer leaves my back deck for the garage (where she had them somewhere in the storage area) so I'm assuming they have all died. I'm going to try & get her once I know for sure she's no longer a mama, & her brother to get them fixed. Luckily, we have several contacts at the shelter & can get this done for only $15 or $20. What you have done for your little find is inspiring & I wish your little guy well. But no matter what happens in the end, he will know human kindness through you instead of cruelty & neglect. Jen
Dash O'Pepperpfeffermuse on June 4th, 2009 10:44 pm (UTC)
We were finally able to bring him home from the vet yesterday afternoon.

One of the people who boards her horses here has already decided that Tigger (the name she decided on) will eventually be going home with her. Right now, it's better that we keep him in one space, rather than keep moving him from place to place and have him thinking that he's being abandoned again.

I did get a shock this morning when giving him his canned food ration (we're giving him a quarter can every three hours during the day, plus he has a bowl full of dry from which he can free-range at his leisure), apparently, he's got a healed hole in his head below the ear -- like from a BB-gun. This little guy's been through the wringer in his short life.

My biggest worry right now is that he has yet to urinate; he's drunk water and had a bowel movement. So, we've got to keep a watch on that.

Thanks so much for your kind words, and please know that I'm extremely grateful to know that there are folks out there like you and your family who are also making a difference in the lives of abandoned and neglected animals.

Best wishes to you all,