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15 June 2007 @ 09:56 pm
LiveJournal: Don't Sleep in the Subway Door  
I've worked on this journal. Honestly.

I've posted several times. Deleted. Re-posted. Deleted. The cycle continues.

I'm not sure I truly understand the reason for the popularity of or necessity in having a blog.

  • Is it to be part of some new Algonquin Round Table?

  • Is it to learn the nuances and tricks of .html and .xtml for the seriously techno-befuddled?

  • Is it to discuss politics, and pray to the deity that not all Americans are right-wing neo-cons?

  • Is it to engage in fandom in a more involved way?
'Cause sometimes I don't see any of the above happening in an intelligent, non-wanky atmosphere of like-minded individuals.

What I see on LJ and other blog sites is a lot of the same nonsense that make me despise all those special little snowflakes. After a while it's more of the same...and the same has become pretty boring. As a fan who writes fanfic, I was definitely in fandom's camp against a project that I believe will eventually bring about that long-dreaded court battle of copyright/trademark owners vs. fandom. But the wank that ensued from Strikethrough 2007 got, IMNSHO, ridiculous -- fandom please get off my side, you're making it look bad.

So, that now that I've probably pissed off anyone who's foolish enough to read my journal: I guess I'm just missing whatever gene is necessary to form online connections. Somewhere along the way, I've lost my ability to laugh at fandom's inanity. When grown-ups behave like children, and I see better behaviour from minors, something's gone wrong.