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Dash O'Pepper
We just got through Irene -- high winds and heavy rains -- and except for power outages and two sheets of aluminium coming off the barn roof, we came through relatively unscathed.

With all the talk of the impending disaster of Irene (most probably because the storm was going to hit Washington, NYC and Boston), the remains of Lee received little attention.

While this time we didn't lose power, the continuous heavy rain was incredible. We're in a state of emergency; the nearest interstate is completely closed because parts of it are underwater; our little stream that runs through the stallion pasture has now been renamed as "a river runs through it"; we know of people whose houses no longer exist because creeks and streams overflowed to bursting and the beaver dams were washed away. And now we've got a leak in the roof (not totally unexpected as this is a 200+ year-old farmhouse); thankfully in an unused closet, but still a pain in the ass that's going to need to be repaired.

At least the city house is in one piece and survived Irene, though a lot of people in our neighbourhood did lose some lovely trees.