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23 January 2009 @ 06:30 pm
Update: Pepper vs FanLore Wiki, ~Fin~  
Update: As of 23:52 23 Jan 2009, the comments have at least been somewhat revised per Emma at FanLore:

    I am not a member of the wiki committee, but I'm happy to edit your remarks in the context of the page. I'll make it clear that you have not spoken out in favor of Laura Hale's actions. /// I will say, however, that having read your comment in the full, it wasn't clear to me that you didn't want to support Laura's actions. But that is no excuse for a lack of context. --Emma 23:52, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

The copy on the wiki page now at least has the addendum:

    (NB: Pepper (pfeffermuse) was referring to a possible career for Hale, not speaking in approbation of her actions. As she says, The way my words have been parsed in this article makes it appear that I support Laura's goal of profiting from both fandom and her Fan History Wiki -- something I vehemently disagree with. See talk page for further details.)

I'd prefer not to be referenced or linked to at all on FanLore (especially as my comments were concerning career options and not FanHistory), but if this is the best they can do, I'll accept it. Though, I would appreciate some form of opt-out from ever being referenced at FanLore; there's a reason I prefer being part of tomb of the unknown fan.

* * * * *

Well, as of today, I've yet to hear back from the FanLore Wiki admins with even a courtesy form letter. Therefore, I've added my own comments on the Talk: FanHistory Wiki Discussion page:

    To the Authors of this Article: Please Correct Your Information

    It's annoying to find oneself quoted on FanLore. It's especially frustrating when I have asked -- and clearly stated on the particular LJ post that has been quoted that I not be linked to this wiki. However, it's angering to find oneself quoted completely out of any context, and made to appear that I am rah-rah-rah behind Laura's vision of selling her FanHistory Wiki for profit. And it is also a blatant violation of FanLore's policies:

      Quoting out of context: Quoting out of context involves a contributor posting or paraphrasing material that deliberately makes the material seem to mean what it does not, or gives the wrong impression of the material's meaning within its original context. This may be considered a violation of our Citation Policy.

    I also notice that the writer(s) of this article were savvy enough to credit me with what was parsed, yet failed to give attribution within the article (as opposed at the endnotes) to Lennoxmacbeth's comments -- comments which certainly celebrated Laura's entrepreneurship.

    As I stated in my e-mail to the wiki@transformativeworks.org at 23:26 21.01.09:
    [A/N: not quoting it here . . . just linking back to my first LJ post containing it]

    As I have not heard back with even a courtesy form letter from the wiki administrators, I'm forced to raise this matter here. The FanHistory Wiki vs OTW FanLore is a hot topic within fandom, and I have no desire to have my words -- words which were parsed and taken completely out of context (whether accidentally or purposely) -- used as canon fodder for this internecine conflict.

    Thank you for your help and prompt attention to this matter.


(Screen cap of the post can be found here.)

Had this misquote/words taken out of context not concerned FanHistory, I would have been more patient concerning a response. But there's been too much anger and invective flung in the pro/con/ambivalent to FanHistory vs pro/con/ambivalent to OTW debate that I'm loathe to wait more than 36-hours for this to at least get looked into.

And while I could probably remove or modify the entry myself, I don't want to be in a back-and-forth of correct it today, and the original author(s) put it back incorrectly. At present, I really have no desire to have anything to do with FanLore, and I'd appreciate their respecting that.